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Meramaglia Pool

Take a dip in our refreshing pools and enjoy the added luxury of spa features. With crystal clear water, comfortable lounge chairs, and soothing jets, our pool is the perfect spot to relax and unwind.


Welcome to our pool! Our pool area is designed to cater both adults and children. The pool for adults with spa features, is perfect for those who want to relax and our smaller pool is safe and fun for kids, providing a great opportunity for them to splash around and have fun. Our pool area is surrounded by beautiful scenery, making it the perfect place to spend a sunny day. Come and enjoy a refreshing swim in our pool area!


Advanced Features

  • Saltwater Pool: Both of our pools feature saltwater, offering numerous benefits such as gentler water for the skin and eyes, reduced chemical usage, and natural sanitization. Experience a more comfortable and eco-friendly swimming with our saltwater pools.

  • Reverse Swimming System: Enjoy a vigorous workout with our reverse swimming system equipped with powerful water jets.

  • Waterfalls and Water Curtain: Experience the therapeutic benefits of our three waterfalls and one water curtain, perfect for relaxing and water treatment.


To enhance your poolside experience, we offer:

  • Free Sunbeds: Relax in comfort with our complimentary sunbeds, available exclusively for hotel guests.

  • Beach Towels: We provide beach towels to ensure you have everything you need for a perfect day by the pool.


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